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Zakir Mahomedy zmm at mayfair2000.com
Sat Mar 14 07:01:39 CDT 2015


I have the following topology:

Sever A <----> IAX2 <-----> SERVER B <----> SIP <----> ITSP

Server A : Branch Server ( with billing cdr )  :  Billing module for auditing calls at branch level
Server B : Billing Server   ( with billing cdr )  : Official statements get generating from this server

I am trying to match my billsecs on server A TO that of server B
The problem seems to be that server A is counting the ringing as well, not just the ANSwered ( person talking )

If the phone rings for 25 secs and we speak for 30 secs, billsec is 55 secs and duration is 55 secs
CDR values for deposition are correct if if the call has not been answered or busy.
ie NO ANSWER or BUSY on Server A.

Asterisk 13 on branch server
any ideas on how to trouble shoot this problemthanks
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