[asterisk-users] switching from SIP to Skype..or not

Bryant Zimmerman BryantZ at zktech.com
Thu Mar 12 09:21:22 CDT 2015

Hey all
 We have been working with SIP for years. It has the potential to be better 
than Skype. It is really all in the implementation.
 Not all SIP soft clients are equal nor are the networks and computers they 
are running on.
 I will not bash Skype. We have tested it and in most cases choose not to 
use it. It has it's place and is good for the user that meets it's specific 
target demographic.  SIP is a sold communications protocol that can 
communication with codecs of differ audio and video quality levels, and 
supports industry standard software and hardware endpoints.
 With SIP you get to choose how good your quality is. With Skype Microsoft 
 It comes down to what do you want to achieve, how much resource do you 
want to put in to it, and are you committed to a bit more work for a lot 
more options and better quality, or do you want a quick and easy solution 
with differing limits. Both solutions have their place.  To me SIP vs Skype 
is like complaining apples and carrots do you want fruit or veggies you get 
to choose.
 You can choose to agree or disagree with my statements. I hope they are 
useful to some.


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Your characterization may be true but Skype works much better than SIP
when it comes to sound quality.

I have SIP softphone with Asterisk server and Skype on the same
Skype just works better over the same network.


On 12/03/2015 9:26 AM, A J Stiles wrote:
> On Thursday 12 Mar 2015, Thufir wrote:
>> I'm testing Asterisk at home, crummy connection. Skype works fine for
>> me, but every SIP client, even without using Asterisk, fails to 
>> That's ok.
>> Is swapping out SIP for Skype a big deal?
> Stay away from Skype! It is a toxic, proprietary product. The lack of
> interoperability by design is the antithesis of what a telecommunication
> system should be about -- and the extent to which they have gone to 
thwart any
> attempt at interoperability is truly shocking.
> For connecting two Asterisk installations to each other over the 
Internet, IAX
> is better than SIP -- that's what it was designed for.

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