[asterisk-users] switching from SIP to Skype..or not

Andres andres at telesip.net
Thu Mar 12 09:04:08 CDT 2015

On 3/12/15 9:39 AM, Ron Wheeler wrote:
> Your characterization may be true but Skype works much better than SIP 
> when it comes to sound quality.
SIP is not to blame for this.  Its the audio codec being used. Skype has 
spend a great deal of effort with their SILK codec by making it highly 
tolerant of packet loss and jitter.  The same cannot be said for the 
standard codecs Asterisk uses.
> I have SIP softphone with Asterisk server and Skype on the same 
> workstation.
> Skype just works better over the same network.
> Ron
> On 12/03/2015 9:26 AM, A J Stiles wrote:
>> On Thursday 12 Mar 2015, Thufir wrote:
>>> I'm testing Asterisk at home, crummy connection.  Skype works fine for
>>> me, but every SIP client, even without using Asterisk, fails to 
>>> connect.
>>> That's ok.
>>> Is swapping out SIP for Skype a big deal?
>> Stay away from Skype!  It is a toxic, proprietary product.  The lack of
>> interoperability by design is the antithesis of what a telecommunication
>> system should be about -- and the extent to which they have gone to 
>> thwart any
>> attempt at interoperability is truly shocking.
>> For connecting two Asterisk installations to each other over the 
>> Internet, IAX
>> is better than SIP -- that's what it was designed for.

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