[asterisk-users] Regarding Text To Speech conversion

Bryan Burroughs bryanburroughs at charter.net
Tue Mar 10 05:34:36 CDT 2015

The CLI script has come in handy for me in the past. If this doesn't 
work, the AGI script will likely not work.

If run from a remote server, dump the TTS to a wav file:
googletts-cli.pl -o hello.wav -l en -t "Hello world"

On 03/10/2015 04:36 AM, A J Stiles wrote:
> On Tuesday 10 Mar 2015, janani m wrote:
>> Thank You .
>> But now i get solved with that error since I had some mistakes in
>> installing googletts.agi
>> Now when calling from my softphone i have written dialplan with an AGI
>> script to convert from text to speech.
>> It get executed without error but there is no sound getting played.
>> My output,
> [stuff deleted]
>> How could I solve this error??
> Plain old-fashioned hacking!
> First, try running the AGI script manually.  Do a trace on it, so you can see
> how parameters get passed to the script; then middle-click-paste the data
> straight into the terminal.  Make sure it really does what you're expecting it
> to do.  If your asterisk runs as a non-privileged user, make sure that it
> works even when the script is invoked as that user -- if not, check and
> double-check file and device permissions.
> In the worst case, you will have to modify your AGI script by inserting
> statements at strategic points to write to syslog, or a file somewhere under
> /tmp/ so you can get an idea what is happening.

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