[asterisk-users] New Asterisk build

John Novack SCII jnovack at stromberg-carlson.org
Fri Mar 6 16:49:34 CST 2015

Ira wrote:
>    Hello John,
> Friday, March 6, 2015, 12:34:42 PM, you wrote:
>> Find a HPT5720 with expansion chassis on eBay for under $50,
>> load AstLinux ( instructions at AstLinux.org ) Move your
>> Digium card and your confs , fix up any differences from your
> But given that means buying an old computer, why change at all?
> I already have a very low power one that works fine. Is
> AstLinux better than Centos 5 running Asterisk 13?
> -- Ira
Depends on how you define "better"

Since you haven't revealed what you are currently using, really hard to say, but running a box without a spinning hard drive and fans to die, certainly is "better"
An OS that fits in < 1Gig might very well be "better than a bloated CentOS 5, 6 or what have you
If what you have works for you, then why even ask?
If it works, leave it alone.
You will certainly find 1000 opinions on the list, if any decide to take the bait



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