[asterisk-users] hangup call gw FXO

ricky gutierrez xserverlinux at gmail.com
Thu Mar 5 10:06:17 CST 2015

2015-03-05 6:11 GMT-06:00 Steve Davies <davies147 at gmail.com>:
> Looking at the pastebin, the Vega device sends a CANCEL with reason:
> Reason: Q.850 ;cause=16.
> Cause 16 is normal clearing and suggests that the original caller has
> disconnected. I would take a look at the Vega's logs
I tried to contact support sangoma, I send a log to them and they have
not contacted me! ,a disappointment

asterisk shows active channels, zombie type ;) , for example the
extension 160 call the 122, 122 is not connected and tells me this on
the phone , I have the impression that rtptimeout not working as it


look cli asterisk:    (None)           koV6foZnHTr3gEf  (nothing)
No       Rx: REGISTER               <guest>    (None)           690e01185aa2f36  (nothing)        No
      Rx: REGISTER               <guest>    gatewayVEGA        0010-0C09-6C8EF  (ulaw)
No       Rx: ACK                    gatewayVEGA    (None)           5db8c434570dfb9  (nothing)        No
      Rx: REGISTER               <guest>    (None)           3654c4f8-1fd27d  (nothing)        No
      Rx: NOTIFY                 <guest>
5 active SIP dialogs


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