[asterisk-users] OT - How does the blind transfer function work on Snom-870?

James B. Byrne byrnejb at harte-lyne.ca
Thu Mar 5 08:09:03 CST 2015

On Thu, March 5, 2015 05:30, Ruben Rögels wrote:
> Am 05.03.2015 um 01:09 schrieb James B. Byrne:
>> I am trying to determine how the transfer button on the Snom-870
>> works
>> with Asterisk.  Is the ## special code employed as when it is
>> entered
>> through the handset or is the blind transfer through the phone
>> function accomplished in a different fashion?
> Hi,
> I hope I understood your question correctly.
> AFAIK, the transfer button sends a SIP message.
> Entering "##" on the handset is recognized via DTMF by asterisk.

I hope that I understood what I was asking for.  Sometimes I do not.

  Yes, that is what I wanted to know.  Does the implementation of the
transfer button feature on the Snomp-870 use exactly the same
technique as the ## feature code entered through the dial pad and
produce exactly the same SIP message that Asterisk produces when it
gets the ## DTMF?

The reason is that I wish to be able to detect a call transfer
performed via either method (## or <Transfer-Button>) and process the
result of both in the same fashion. If the button and DTMF transfers
are not performed using the same switching techniques in Asterisk then
I need to discover what those differences are.  If both are totally
equivalent from a SIP message signalling point of view then the issue
is far easier to handle.

I searched, in vain, in the Snom-870 docs for specifics on this and
either could not find or did not recognize anything that applied.  Do
you know where I can locate these sorts of details.  My knowledge of
SIP/RTP/VOIP etc. is cursory but, given an adequate reference, I can
usually sort things out.

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