[asterisk-users] PJSIP: Failed to create outgoing session to endpoint

Dmitriy Serov serov.d.p at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 14:34:05 CST 2015

Sorry, i found the source of problem.
dialing via pjsip have to change dialplan syntax :(

May be it will be usefull sombody else.

04.03.2015 21:54, Dmitriy Serov пишет:
> Hello.
> I am using asterisk and chan_sip a lot of years. And newbie in 
> chan_pjsip.
> Now i am transfering all from chan_sip to chan_pjsip. And have a lot 
> of questions. First of...
> system: Asterisk 13.2 on slackware 14.1
> Errors on outgoing call:
> [2015-03-03 00:18:58] ERROR[6794]: chan_pjsip.c:1778 request: Failed 
> to create outgoing session to endpoint 'srv_d228'
> [2015-03-03 00:18:58] WARNING[24528][C-00001bcc]: app_dial.c:2431 
> dial_exec_full: Unable to create channel of type 'PJSIP' (cause 3 - No 
> route to destination)
> What settings has mistake? What logic to choose outgoing transport?

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