[asterisk-users] JITTERBUFFER function

Torbjorn Abrahamsson torbjorn.abrahamsson at gmail.com
Fri Jan 30 01:58:40 CST 2015

> I thought this meant that jbenable alone was not enough, and that you
> needed to set jbforce=yes. Incorrect then

Answering myself, it seems I was incorrect, as jbenable is enough to
activate the buffers. I see the options different meanings now. Sorry about
the buzz.. :)

> Second, if I understand your statement correctly you say that the
> jb-settings can be applied on peers as well as in the general context.
> As the jb-settings are not a part of the list of peer-settings stated in
> sip.conf I thought that it was a general-context-only setting, which
> is actually why I am exploring the JITTERBUFFER function. If I can set
> the jb-settings directly on the peer, things will be a lot easier. If the
> settings are valid for peers, then maybe they should be added to
> the peer settings list in sip.conf?

The statement about using jb-settings in peer definitions does however seem
not to be true. I tried adding the settings to a friend definition and it
did not activate a jitter buffer for that friend. I added these settings:


and when placing a call from the friend, I experienced no delay, which I did
when having activated the settings in the general context. The lack of delay
would indicate no active jitter buffer. Have I missed something?

Torbjörn Abrahamsson

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