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Tue Jan 20 03:39:58 CST 2015

On Monday 19 Jan 2015, ricky gutierrez wrote:
> Hi list, I write on the list looking for help, buy a openvox gw gsm
> for four channels and I'm a little disappointed with the support
> openvox, for some reason , The call doesn´t get trough
> support tells me it was my asterisk server, but does not really work
> me and my internal calls are working perfectly, I tested with another
> sangoma FXO gateway and works perfectly.
> the problem is that support openvox is Chinese and the difference in
> time zone is high.
>  my trunk is connected
> 5001/5001                X.X.X.X                           D  Yes
>   Yes            5060
> Monitored: 1 online, 4 offline Unmonitored: 0 online, 0 offline]
> I follow this guide , but not work
> http://www.lojamundi.com.br/download/gateways-gsm/openvox/Quickstart_Guide_
> of_OpenVox_GSM_Gateway_VS-GW2120_Series_Connect_with_Asterisk_Server.pdf

I've had some experience with OpenVox GSM cards and chan_extra.  Their support 
isn't great; they like if you can give them ssh access to your box, and you 
will need to ask questions afterwards to find out what they did in there, but 
they did manage to sort out an obscure problem for me and explained enough for 
me to work out what had been the matter in the first place.

As far as I can work out, their GSM gateway appliances seem to be some kind of 
server motherboard with GSM cards and a pre-installed Linux, Asterisk and 
chan_extra; but I've not had direct experience of them, having built my own 
boxes using G400P and/or G400E cards in my favourite supplier's motherboards.

Oh, and finally, if you're using any kind of GSM gateway, be careful!  
Otherwise, you will end up incurring the wrath of your telco -- "unlimited" 
often does not really mean unlimited, and the only way to find out what the 
limit actually is is to exceed it.


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