[asterisk-users] Disable fax detect on specific incoming DID

Administrator TOOTAI admin at tootai.net
Sat Jan 17 05:43:57 CST 2015

Hi Noah,

Le 16/01/2015 23:13, Noah Engelberth a écrit :
> The easiest way is to just run the Dial() command to forward the call to the hard fax without ever Answer()-ing the call.  Without an Answer() on the call, Asterisk can't listen for fax detection (because the call hasn't been set up and there is no audio leg yet).

It works perfectly :-), many thanks for the tip.



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> Hello,
> our gateway receive incoming calls from an outside gateway for multiple DIDs. For some of them we want fax detection, for other no. To do so, faxdetect is set to yes, but how to disable the fax detection for a specific incoming DID? For those DIDs, we just want to forward the call to a real fax machine DID which will do the job.
> Thanks for any hint

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