[asterisk-users] Asterisk - WiMax Island Use

j.halifax2 at seznam.cz j.halifax2 at seznam.cz
Wed Jan 14 10:32:06 CST 2015

Hello All,

Please advise kindly about the following arrangement:

I need to have Asterisk working with company's mobiles via company's WiMax 
mobile network. Both Asterisk and WiMax can work in an island mode (i.e. not
necessarily connected, even preferably not connected to any other 
communication network like mobile operator, Intranet or Internet).

The result desired should be that company's field workers can communicate 
with each other by means of company's mobile phones, company's WiMax 
technology and company's Asterisk, but preferably not with any mobile 
operator's subscribers.

Please advise kindly whether such arrangement is possible and if so, what 
should I study to know which devices to buy.etc.

Thank you for your great help. :)



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