[asterisk-users] Asterisk executable suddenly about 40KB larger - modules not working

Tony Mountifield tony at softins.co.uk
Wed Jan 7 06:56:39 CST 2015

In article <001a01d02a75$cf314fc0$6d93ef40$@verishare.co.za>,
Stefan Viljoen <viljoens at verishare.co.za> wrote:
> Hi all
> I have a strange issue with on a production Asterisk machine at our
> head office, and the same issue with a production machine at a branch
> office.
> Every now and then, on the head office machine, ODBC CEL and CDR logging
> will stop working. On examination in the CLI, Asterisk behaves as if the
> config files for ODBC in the /etc directory are just gone.
> Repeated tests have then proved that the config files
> (/etc/asterisk/res_odbc.conf, /etc/asterisk/res_pgsql.conf, etc.) ARE in
> /etc/asterisk folder and are readable and have the correct contents, and are
> NOT gone.
> On the branch machine, where we do not use ODBC but FreeTDS to log CDRs to
> an MSSQL DB, TDS stops working randomly as well, with the cdr_tds.so module
> refusing to load with a message (I forget now the exact wording) that seems
> to indicate that the Asterisk version is incompatible with the cdr_tds.so
> ELF object file.
> Checking further, I discovered that in both situations, the asterisk
> executable in /usr/sbin grew by about 40KB compared to its size just after
> being compiled...
> The fix on both machines is to re-copy a backup of the asterisk executable
> to /usr/sbin to overwrite the new "suddenly larger" asterisk executable, and
> then restarting asterisk on both machines.
> Everything then works correctly again until the next time the
> /usr/sbin/asterisk executable again "grows" by +- 40kb - at Head Office
> stopping ODBC from working, at the branch stopping TDS from working.
> This doesn't happen with our other 14 branches all running on
> mostly identical hardware.
> Anybody encountered this "growing executable" error before? 

It could be something to do with pre-linking. See "man prelink". This
is usually run from /etc/cron.daily

You can disable pre-linking by following the instructions here:

If that prevents the problem, the next step would be to determine why
pre-linking causes the problem, although I'm not sure how you do so.

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