[asterisk-users] Confused by concepts behind pjsip: endpoint, aor, contact

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Jan 5 06:05:36 CST 2015

Antonio Gómez Soto wrote:


> Ok, thank you. One final question:
> I see that it's possible to have multiple auth's in an endpoint. For
> incoming traffic to be
> authenticated, how does pjsip know which auth to consider? By looking at
> the From: address
> in the SIP header, and matching that up with the auth id?
> For example if the From: header is <10000 at
> <mailto:10000 at>>, will it find the AOR from the IP
> address, and the auth from the '10000' ?

Endpoints (remember, an endpoint is the configuration to use for traffic 
to/from a specific client) can be determined using a pluggable 
mechanism. Included are modules which determine the endpoint based on 
the From header, based on configured IP address matching rules, and 
finally one that just always uses a specific endpoint (used for 
anonymous). Once the endpoint is determined the auth to use is pulled 
from there.

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