[asterisk-users] Confused by concepts behind pjsip: endpoint, aor, contact

Antonio Gómez Soto antonio.gomez.soto at gmail.com
Sun Jan 4 16:29:42 CST 2015


I am slightly confused by the difference between chan_sip and pjsip.
Especially the new (to me) objects aor and contact.

I am having trouble mapping them to the typical SIP configuration settings
on a phone.

Suppose I have a phone with two line buttons, for two extension numbers.
I think that means two 'endpoints' in pjsip right? But what exactly is the
between aor and contact? So why does aor have a max_contacts value?
And where do phone registrations fit in, where are those kept anyway?

I hope someone can shed some light for me here.

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