[asterisk-users] [OT] switches

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Wed Feb 25 09:32:31 CST 2015

On 02/25/2015 09:28 AM, Steve Edwards wrote:
> On Wed, 25 Feb 2015, A J Stiles wrote:
>> The limiting factor with a switch carrying IP telephony traffic is 
>> not bandwidth, but routing table entries; and even cheap switches 
>> nowadays will usually take 1024 entries, if not 4096.
> Are you referring to the MAC CAM table? Saying 'routing table' and 
> 'switch' in the same sentence seems confusing.
> Do VOIP devices take more table entries than other Ethernet devices? 
> I.e. more than 1?

No, and if you have 1024 MAC addresses behind a "cheap" switch, you get 
what you deserve.


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