[asterisk-users] Queue PJSIP, not all contacts rings

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Mon Feb 23 10:11:36 CST 2015

Nick Awesome wrote:
> Hay guys, have question.
> When I do regular dial I use
> $this->AGI->get_fullvariable('${PJSIP_DIAL_CONTACTS('.$callObj.')}',false,true);
>  to get all contacts of current endpoint and so I dial to all phones
> at once,
> but if I exec QUEUE, I have just one phone rings, seems like it take
> first one as Dial app by default, is there way to fix this?

There is no way to directly do this. The best option is to use a Local 
channel into the dialplan which dials instead. Once answered everything 
should fall into place.

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