[asterisk-users] TimerFD errors if MTU size is set incorrectly - SIP trunk

Stefan Viljoen viljoens at verishare.co.za
Thu Feb 19 00:54:44 CST 2015

Hi all

Is there a relation between the above?

I'm having a problem where I suspect my internet access provider (through
whom I go to a SIP trunk provider) have got MTU size problems.

My asterisk ( is constantly going into the situation where a
TimerFD error is spammed in the CLI, load goes up and up until the system is
completely unusable.

I have an admission by the ISP that their MTU size on their fiber NTU "may"
be incorrect.

Can an incorrect MTU size on an ethernet connection cause Asterisk to
experience errors with the kernel timing source?

Thank you


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