[asterisk-users] Is Asterisk a Linux only system?

j.halifax2 at seznam.cz j.halifax2 at seznam.cz
Thu Feb 12 09:51:48 CST 2015

Asterisk needs to operate with high operating system reliability as needed 
and usual in the Telecom domain. Windows system don't offer such 
reliability, so that's why they are not used in any field where high 
reliability, security and data safety are required (like military, 
Government, industries, power production and distribution etc. etc.).

If you check the top computing systems in the world, there 

- 99.6 are running Unix/Linux systems,

- - 97% are running Linux, 

- - 2.6% are running Unix and only 

- 0.2% are running Windows.

Also using Windows' Internet Explorer is falling down for years, being 
surpassed by Google Chrome and FireFox..

It may be also due to the fact that many believes that scrappy character of 
Windows is a marketing trick pushing billions of users to buy again and 
again what they have already bought (by means of huge misleading advertising
"buy the new version, it's finally Super Excellent", people buy but the 
known crashes, security vulnerabilities, data lost and other well known 
problems last - what repeats for 20 years)...

You may remember also a big scandal with the letter by HQ to branches which 
called "under any cost don't allow that Linux gets in Government sector", 
offering the huge million fund for "support" of sales.. 

Etc. etc.

JH :-)

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