[asterisk-users] IAX port

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Mon Feb 9 14:36:24 CST 2015


Sometimes IAX peers are not reachable and with "iax2 set debug on" I get something like this

Tx-Frame Retry[ No] -- OSeqno: 000 ISeqno: 001 Type: IAX Subclass: PONG
    Timestamp: 00014ms  SCall: 00001  DCall: 01200
Rx-Frame Retry[ No] -- OSeqno: 001 ISeqno: 001 Type: IAX     Subclass: ACK
    Timestamp: 00014ms  SCall: 01200  DCall: 00001

I am not sure what causes port 4569 to be replaced an an arbitrary port, which could be the 
reason for my problem. Does someone know whether this is a router related problem?


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