[asterisk-users] weather.agi

Jeff LaCoursiere jeff at jeff.net
Wed Dec 16 11:10:39 CST 2015

Here is a funny story.  We mostly do hotels in the Caribbean, and one of 
our first clients (going on ten years now) used the sample "weather.agi" 
that used to be shipped with... asterisk at home? Trixbox?  Can't even 
recall where we originally got it from.

This perl script uses festival to speak a brief weather forecast to the 
caller.  We told our hotels this was a feature for guests, and assigned 
a function code to execute it.  They have been using it for years.  In 
fact the front desk used to just dial it in speaker mode for guests 
checking in.

Here is the funny part - the text for the weather forecast was coming 
from an anonymous FTP site at tgftp.nws.noaa.gov.  Sometime in 2013 they 
stopped updating the forecast!  So ever since then the caller would get 
the forecast for June something 2013.  But because the weather in St 
Thomas is nearly the same year round, NO ONE NOTICED!  Well, until just 

After we stopped laughing about it, they now want me to fix it.  But I 
can't seem to find a new source of textual summary weather data.

So... has anyone else run into this and fixed it by chance?  Or can 
point me to weather data?



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