[asterisk-users] CEL entries over ODBC several hours late (Vinicius Fontes)

Vinicius Fontes vinicius at aittelecom.com.br
Fri Dec 11 05:50:55 CST 2015

Since the issue seems to be table locking, why not take a shot with
PostgreSQL? It's way better and more robust than MySQL/MariaDB.

You should be able to create an additional DSN and output CEL to both
PostgreSQL and MariaDB.

2015-12-11 8:59 GMT-02:00 Stefan Viljoen <viljoens at verishare.co.za>:

> Hi Vinicius
> Thanks for replying.
> >Sorry for the probably obvious question, but it's better to cover all
> bases.
> >The DBMS is running on the same box as Asterisk is? If that's the case
> then
> maybe the DBMS is using too much CPU and starving Asterisk?
> I don't think so - I think I have a locking issue in the DB specifically
> with my stored procedure -and- Asterisk trying to access the CEL table
> simultaneously.
> Load averages appear normal even if the DB is running in the background.
> The
> autodestruct problem occurs whenever the CEL table (InnoDB, so should NOT
> be
> locked for inserts while being queried in MySQL "nolock" equivalent, but it
> IS) is busy being read by the SP and Asterisk tries to write into it.
> This then back-flows to the Asterisk and delays the H extension execution
> to
> such a degree that handsets get locked tight until the CEL table lock held
> by the SP is released and Asterisk can write to it again over ODBC.
> I understand that CEL logging and call hangup should be an atomic operation
> (billing related) from there though the question about why it apparently
> (from observed effects) is a synchronous operation - but considering it
> must
> be atomic, it does make sense I suppose to write CELs synchronously with
> call teardown.
> It just requires that you keep the CEL table in MariaDB (or whatever) in an
> "un-locked" state at all times - which makes it pretty hard since to have
> any practical use out of the CEL table you should be able to query it
> without locking it - which InnoDB in MariaDB is supposd to provide, but
> clearly does not in my type of setup here.
> Anyway, thanks for the reply.
> Regards
> Stefan
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