[asterisk-users] GSM call routing issue

Julien Sansonnens julien at jsansonnens.ch
Tue Dec 8 12:39:52 CST 2015

Hello everybody,

I'm experiencing quite a strange issue with some voip carriers when I
try to call my own GSM cell phone, using international route (I'm in

With some budget routes (value route from voip.ms for example), I get
a fast busy tone, congestion message, or nothing at all when I try to
call my cell phone number +4178NNNNNNN. I can call swiss landlines
numbers, or even other cell phones without any problem.

voip.ms support wrote me that my phone number is "showing as premium
number". To avoid fraud, there are no routes to this kind of number,
so the call cannot be made.

I'm using a regular cell phone account, and I never ordered premium
services. My number lookis like every other cell phone number out
there. I never experienced any routing problem with my cellphone,
before I tried to call it from voip providers.

Can someone explain me what's this "premium number" thing about my
very regular and usual cell phone number ? How can I change this ? As
voipms carrier got the information from some database, who should I
ask to remove my number from the list of premium numbers ? I guess I
should ask my telephone operator, but of course nobody's is
understanding what I'm talking about when I call the support...

Thanks a lot, best regards, Julien

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