[asterisk-users] Issues with Twilio number incoming call and context matching

Sonny Rajagopalan sonny.rajagopalan at gmail.com
Wed Dec 2 08:00:37 CST 2015


I am running Asterisk 13.6.0 in an AWS instance, and I set it up with
Twilio SIP trunk using pjsip_wizard.conf (nice feature!). I see that the
calls actually "reach" the PBX, but for some reason, they are not caught by
any of my extensions context.

Here's what I observe when I test this from a non-PBX connected E164 number
(a landline), say 555-666-1212. My Twilio number is 777-555-1212

Situation 1:

exten => _.,1,Log(WARNING, TWILIO)


Calling 555-666-1212 to Twilio number 777-555-1212:

On Asterisk CLI (core set debug on, logger set level WARNING on):

No logs at all. Call just ends. No friendly message saying why it will

Situation 2:


exten => 17775551212,1,Log(WARNING, TWILIO)
same =>              n,Hangup()

On Asterisk CLI:
Call from 'from-twilio' (UDP:mysillyapp.pstn.twilio.com:5060) to extension
'+17775551212' rejected because extension not found in context

However, clearly, the extension is there (in extensions.conf). The call
hangs up, but with Twilio's "The number you dialed is not a working
number...." message.

What am I missing here? How do I fix this issue with the call not being
"caught" with my extensions.conf?

Any help is appreciated.
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