[asterisk-users] OpenVPN Clients Intermittently Cannot Call In

Andrew Martin amartin at xes-inc.com
Thu Apr 30 17:05:07 CDT 2015

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> Subject: Re: [asterisk-users] OpenVPN Clients Intermittently Cannot Call In
> > I am running Asterisk 11.12.0 on CentOS 6.4. The asterisk server and
> > internal phones are located on the LAN subnet. I have many
> > internal SIP phones, which appear to be working correctly. I have a few
> > external phones (Yealink SIP-T32G or other Yealink model) on
> > which have an OpenVPN client configured on them that
> > connects back to the LAN network through a pfSense gateway with OpenVPN
> > configured on it.
> I faced problems with pfsense -no VPN involved- and finally installed
> siproxd on it. Also set the firewall mode to conservative.


Thanks for the information. Do you have an example or documentation on the
siproxd configuration that you used?



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