[asterisk-users] Grandstream GXP2140

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Tue Apr 14 05:57:39 CDT 2015

> I have a customer looking to deploy about 20 Grandstream GXP2140 phones. Normally they would 
> deploy Yealink brand phones but they want a phone with gigabit pass through and the Yealinks 
> with gigabit are too expensive for their budget.
> Does anyone on the list have experience with the GXP2140? Is it a reliable phone? Does anyone 
> have recommendations for other phones with gigabit pass through?
I'd be generally careful with the second ethernet connection. One should look at the chipset of 
the phone. I had pretty bad experiences with somewhat older TI based phones, regardless of the 
manufacturer. The problems became apparent in mixed environments, where some connections were 
gigabit and others not. It can be a nightmare, if you have to offer support.

The best bet is to buy one, and check the performance of the connections. I use some GrandStream 
products myself and the product quality is now much better compared to a couple of years ago.

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