[asterisk-users] Multicast to polycom from asterisk

Kevin Larsen kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com
Mon Apr 13 15:21:30 CDT 2015

> I am using 11.17.0 -  and MulticastRTP. Doesnt seem to work with 
> polycom phones as other devices receive my multicast just fine.
> Is there something special to do to get multicast working with polycom 
> (other than enable multicast on the actual phone).

Didn't see if anyone had answered you or not on this, but Polycom uses 
their own form of MulticastRTP. It doesn't work with Asterisk's multicast 
setup. There is a company that makes a loud ringer/pager unit that can 
also be used to take in a sip call and multicast out to the Polycom 
phones. I haven't tried it myself as I just use the loud ringer 
capability, but it does appear that it would be a workable solution. I 
hesitate to promote the name here since this is non-commercial discussion, 
but let me know if you want to hear the actual product.
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