[asterisk-users] Asterisk 13 very high trasnlation time between codecs

Davide Anzaldi [ Net&Com ] davide.anzaldi at netecom.it
Tue Apr 7 05:09:50 CDT 2015

Hi all.

I've installaed a PIAF with Asterisk 13.0 on a ESX virtual machine on a DELL

As usual I loaded g729 codec in modules folder but I notice very high
translation time.


Over several PIAF with Asterisk 1.8.X (always in a virtual environment) I
always had for example 601 between G729 and ALAW or ULAW while in this case
I have 15000.

Even recalculating with different values (eg: core show translation recalc
100) I always get same result.


I downloaded codec, as usual, from http://asterisk.hosting.lv/ and chosen
appropriate version for my distro / CPU.


Did someone face the same problem? Is this something related to VM? Or

Thanks in advance for any advice.


Davide Anzaldi





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