[asterisk-users] Update peer IP address

Daniel Heckl daniel.heckl at gmail.com
Thu Apr 2 09:03:10 CDT 2015

Ok, I have tested dnsmgr. This is not a solution, the situation has not changed. With dnsmgr I can not place outbound calls. I do not know why and what dnsmgr really do. 

My current solution is as follows:

Say allowguest=yes, configure the default context that there can not be placed outbound calls. Use iptables to DROP all at your SIP port and allow only your local phones and the sip trunk ip range. I think srvlookup must be set to yes to place outbound calls if there is an ip address change.

I think with the restriction of the firewall that should be a secure solution.

> Am 01.04.2015 um 19:23 schrieb Sebastian Kemper <sebastian_ml at gmx.net>:
> On Wed, Apr 01, 2015 at 11:00:56AM -0400, Andres wrote:
>> On 4/1/15 10:48 AM, Daniel Heckl wrote:
>>> John,
>>> thank you four your answer. I think you have misunderstood the
>>> problem. It’s about a ip address change of the sip trunk, not of my
>>> asterisk server.
>> You would probably benefit by enabling the DNS Manager to allow for
>> dynamic IP changes:
>> # cat dnsmgr.conf [general] enable=yes             ; enable creation
>> of managed DNS lookups ;   default is 'no' refreshinterval=180   ;
>> refresh managed DNS lookups every <n> seconds ;   default is 300 (5
>> minutes)
> Hello Andres,
> I read that same suggestion elsewhere in connection with Deutsche
> Telekom, so it seems there's some benefit in it.
> Daniel, did you try it out already?
> Kind regards,
> Sebastian
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