[asterisk-users] Update peer IP address

Sebastian Kemper sebastian_ml at gmx.net
Wed Apr 1 12:19:17 CDT 2015

On Tue, Mar 31, 2015 at 12:36:34PM +0200, Daniel Heckl wrote:
> Hello Sebastian,
> I had already seen this list of the hosts, but it is not active. All
> servers with which my Asterisk has been communicated are not listed.
> A port scan, to eventually update the list, found hundreds of servers
> provided in the address range with open port 5060, some
> were even not found. I think there must be another solution.
> If I change insecure to insecure=port,invite - could that be a
> solution?

Hello Daniel,

I've asked myself that, too. But I don't have access to the connection,
yet, so I can't test it right away.

Kind regards,

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