[asterisk-users] how to make voip client cannot use same username?

rafa alfurqan rafa.alfurqan at gmail.com
Mon Sep 29 08:57:20 CDT 2014

Hi Paul,

thanks for your repply.

> Since what you describe is a valid for SIP, you'll have to drop the
> packets at the network level (firewall). Or use the ACL system in
> asterisk to restrict it.

i was try change the host from dynamic to spesific ip address.
but somehow my sipphone couldn't register into server, however it's still
could make a call but couldn't be called.

i was try "permit" statement too, but the result is same.
this is my sip.conf
type = friend
context = test
username = 1001
secret = 12345
host =
nat = no
disallow = no
allow =  ulaw
permit =

is there anything wrong?

how could i make matching on username instead of ip address?

thanks in advance
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