[asterisk-users] error receiving a fax ... but with a fax that was received without problems

Bart Remmerie remmerie at gmail.com
Sun Sep 21 07:42:37 CDT 2014

Dear all,

When receiving a fax, the extension is "spawned", despite nothing but
positive messages (see below)

The sending fax considers it a success & the verbose output of asterisk
gives a "FAX_SUCCESS" and a "NO_ERROR" error in the ReceiveFax command.

The problem is that all the next steps (conversion of the fax to pdf &
sending it to a mailbox) are never executed.  When I do this manually,
there seems nothing wrong with the received file ....

Any hints ?

Asterisk output:

*    -- *Executing [502 at LocalSets:5] *ReceiveFAX*("*DAHDI/4-1*", "
*/tmp/201409211416.tif*") in new stack

*    -- *Channel 'DAHDI/4-1' receiving FAX '/tmp/201409211416.tif'

*    -- *Channel 'DAHDI/4-1' FAX session '0' started

*    -- *FAX handle 0: [ 037.139057 ], entering CLOSING state

*    -- *FAX handle 0: [ 037.139097 ], entering CLOSING state

*    -- *Channel 'DAHDI/4-1' FAX session '0' is complete, result: 'SUCCESS'
(FAX_SUCCESS), error: 'NO_ERROR', pages: 1, resolution: '204x196', transfer
rate: '14400', remoteSID: '059323634'

*  == *Spawn extension (LocalSets, 502, 5) exited non-zero on 'DAHDI/4-1'


exten => 502,1,Verbose(3,Incoming Fax)

        same => n,Set(FAXDEST=/tmp)

        same => n,Set(tempfax=${STRFTIME(,,%C%y%m%d%H%M)})

        same => n,Verbose(3,- destination: ${FAXDEST}/${tempfax}.tif)

        same => n,ReceiveFax(${FAXDEST}/${tempfax}.tif)

        same => n,Verbose(3,- Fax receipt completed with status:

        same => n,Verbose(3,converting fax)

        same => n,System(/usr/bin/tiff2pdf ${FAXDEST}/${tempfax}.tif -o

        same => n,Verbose(3,fax converted ... sending fax)

        same => n,System(echo "[TC] new fax" | mutt -s "TC:fax from
${CALLERID}" myname at mymail.com -F /root/.muttrc -a ${FAXDEST}/${tempfax}

        same => n,Hangup()
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