[asterisk-users] Show Log(NOTICE) messages on the console

Daniel Gonzalez gonvaled at gonvaled.com
Fri Sep 19 06:22:24 CDT 2014


I have asterisk running as daemon. I connect to my running asterisk servers

sudo asterisk -r

In one asterisk instance (11.2.1) I see Log(NOTICE) messages, which is what
I want.

In another instance (11.7.0~dfsg-1ubuntu1) I do not see the Log(NOTICE)
messages. To see them I must make the cli very verbose (sudo asterisk
-rvvvv or more), which is **not** what I want (I really only want to see
NOTICEs comming from asterisk or from my dialplan)

I have also played with the -d flag (like sudo asterisk -rddvv), but still
no luck: either I see too much, or I do not see NOTICEs.

How can I consistently enable the display of Log messages above NOTICE
(including) with *any* version of asterisk? I *only* want to see Log
messages (for example, I do not want to see the steps executed from the
dialplan, which make the console overwhelmed with messages and impossible
to follow)

Thanks and regards,
Daniel Gonzalez
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