[asterisk-users] sip.conf and extension.conf configuration

rafa alfurqan rafa.alfurqan at gmail.com
Sun Sep 14 09:36:14 CDT 2014


i want to ask about sip.conf & extension.conf the configuration.

is it possibility to make sip.conf configuration like this
[1510891531543268 at wlan.mnc089.mcc510.3gppnetwork.org]
type = friend
context = tutorial
username = 1510891531543268 at wlan.mnc089.mcc510.3gppnetwork.org
secret = 12345
host = dynamic

and the extension.conf like this
exten => 1510891531557268 at wlan.mnc089.mcc510.3gppnetwork.org,1,Dial(SIP/
1510891531557268 at wlan.mnc089.mcc510.3gppnetwork.org)

thank you
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