[asterisk-users] Cisco SX20 disconnecting before call

Norman Laidla norman.laidla at telegrupp.ee
Fri Sep 12 01:43:25 CDT 2014

Good day,

I'm trying to set up a video conferencing solution for our office. Currently, my testing setup has my laptop running MicroSIP and a Debian VM with Asterisk installed on it, with the other end being a Cisco Telepresence SX20 box. Video calls from MicroSIP to SX20 work perfectly, but if I try to place a call from the SX20, it pops up a "Connecting" screen for a second, then the call ends with "Call has disconnected". I've set Asterisk's verbosity to 5, but the CLI reports nothing during the attempt. A Google search found a thread with a similar issue (however, theirs was with Cisco Unified Connection Manager), where changing the URI to include the domain helped, but on mine, the URI has gone from "1000" to "1000 at xx.xx.xx.xx" to "sip:1000 at xx.xx.xx.xx" with no change in behavior.

If anyone has experience with a setup like mine, I would very much appreciate any and all advice you can give me.

Best regards,
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