[asterisk-users] Pattern Extension not working in Dialplan

A J Stiles asterisk_list at earthshod.co.uk
Mon Sep 8 09:10:58 CDT 2014

On Monday 08 Sep 2014, Anurag Rana wrote:
> @A J Stiles : If you could provide an example as you said, It would be very
> nice.  Thanks.

This is excerpted from a dialplan application I wrote.  It's actually a PIN 
entry but should be usable for any general purpose application.  Sound files 
referred to will need to be created by you.

exten => s,1,Set(pin=)
exten => s,n,Set(PINLENGTH=4)
exten => s,n(prompt),Background(ajs-enter_pin)
;  Build up the PIN digit by digit.  The WaitExten() will be cut short by any
;  keystroke, so we can use a quite longish timeout.
exten => s,n(nextdigit),WaitExten(30)
exten => s,n,Playback(ajs-sorry_didnt_get)
exten => s,n,GoToIf($[${LEN(${pin})}<1]?prompt:saysofar)
exten => s,n(saysofar),Playback(ajs-digits_so_far)
exten => s,n,SayDigits(${pin})
exten => s,n,Goto(nextdigit)

;  We need a "h" extension  (for tidying up after ourselves)  in this context;
;  because the call may be placed from within this context.

exten => h,1,NoOp(Clearing up)

exten => *,1,Playback(ajs-start_again)
exten => *,2,GoTo(get_pin,s,1)

exten => #,1,Hangup()

exten => _X,1,Set(pin=${pin}${EXTEN:0:1})
exten => _X,n,NoOp(PIN so far is ${pin})
exten => _X,n,GoToIf($[${LEN(${pin})}>=${PINLENGTH}]?got_all:need_more)
exten => _X,n(need_more),GoTo(get_pin,s,nextdigit)
;  We have all 4 digits .....
exten => _X,n(got_all),NoOp(PIN is ${pin})


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