[asterisk-users] Pattern Extension not working in Dialplan

Anurag Rana anuragrana31189 at gmail.com
Sun Sep 7 22:59:47 CDT 2014

​Thank you all for your suggestions.

1. [macro-age] is a macro and not an extension badly named.

2. I am able to use Read to fulfill the purpose but we can't use Read()
after Background(). To use read we need Playback() [ am I right?]. But
Playback do not provide barge-in facility i.e. user have to listen whole
message then only his inputs will be accepted and if he entered input
during the time recording is played , the input will be lost.
So if using Background() [which return the control immediately] I have to
use _XX extension.

3. So basically I want to create a dial-plan where user is asked to input
multi-digit value and he can enter it without listening complete message
(if the user knows the message already)​
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