[asterisk-users] Special functionality for Secretary/Boss

Carlos Chavez cursor at telecomabmex.com
Thu Sep 4 11:57:40 CDT 2014

     We are currently migrating from a Nortel pbx to Asterisk and we 
have been able to convert most of the functions that people are used to 
but there is one I have no clear idea how to do.  The scenario is:

     Boss calls secretary from outside the office to get connected to 
another outside destination.  The secretary dials the destination and 
then trasfers call to the boss.  When boss finishes with that person 
they want to send the call back to the secretary in order to make 
another connection or simply to talk to the secretary.

     The first part is not a problem, but after the boss finishes his 
call how can we send the call back to the secretary?  I was thinking of 
using a conference room but how would the secretary know when the boss 
has finished?  Anyone know how to handle this scenario?

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