[asterisk-users] PJSIP issues with handling incoming calls

Joshua Colp jcolp at digium.com
Tue Sep 2 06:01:17 CDT 2014

Nick Awesome wrote:
> Hello guys.

Kia ora,

> Have 2 external numbers that required registration on provider server,
> trunk1: 734322600*05*@
> trunk2: 734322600*50*@
> Thing is I can’t figure out how to route them to different IVRs
> by default Asterisk can’t match endpoint
> Request from '<sip:+ 734322600*05*@>' failed for
> '' (callid: 50e9132765782741404408k2469rmwp) - No
> matching endpoint found
> Can’t set /identify /by IP because they got the same ip.
> Is there way to configure asterisk so incoming calls from same IP but
> different ID will use different contexts?

If the From header contains the destination number (as it seems to based 
on your above log message and config) you can create two different 
endpoints and match based on the user portion of the From header.



If this is not correct then you can only match once based on the source 
IP address currently.


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