[asterisk-users] AstriDevCon 2014: Agenda item Deprecate AMI/AGI(Ben Klang)

Paul Albrecht palbrecht at glccom.com
Thu Oct 30 15:59:35 CDT 2014

On Oct 29, 2014, at 4:26 PM, Matthew Jordan <mjordan at digium.com> wrote:

> On Wed, Oct 29, 2014 at 2:31 PM, Paul Albrecht <palbrecht at glccom.com> wrote:
>> On Oct 28, 2014, at 5:03 PM, Ben Langfeld <ben at langfeld.me> wrote:
>> On 28 October 2014 19:47, Derek Andrew <Derek.Andrew at usask.ca> wrote:
>>> What is the alternative to the dial plan? Is everyone talking about
>>> getting rid of the statements like:
>>> exten => s,1,
>>> what is the alternative?
>> Remote applications based on APIs like ARI. This is the start of the
>> discussion, and please remember that nothing has been decided or even
>> presented as a robust plan yet. This is brain-storming.
>> We’re not at the start of the “discussion” to deprecate the dial plan. The
>> start of the “discussion” began when some developers decided to try standing
>> Asterisk on its head by adding  “asynchronous AGI.” Evidently, that was good
>> so then they continued the “discussion” by adding ARI/Stasis. Now the
>> “discussion” is in full career as ARI/Stasis has metastasized beyond its
>> original scope to encompass all of Asterisk. None of said “discussion” ever
>> happened on the lists nor was the broader Asterisk community involved as far
>> as I can determine. A parallel “discussion” was started by a shill at
>> AstiCon this year to begin to get the “vast unwashed” onboard with
>> ARI/Stasis, that is, so that Matt could come back from AstiCon claiming that
>> the broader Asterisk community is in agreement that ARI/Stasis is the future
>> of Asterisk and that the dial plan can be deprecated. The inevitable result
>> of these parallel paths is a completely predictable train wreck when the
>> developers designing features that users don’t want crash into users who
>> have been using Asterisk as originally designed.
>> Additionally, note that the original proposal was to deprecate AMI/AGI in
>> favour of ARI once it is feature complete with those protocols; an entirely
>> lesser change than the removal of the dialplan in its entirety.
>> So you're saying that deprecating the dial plan is not on the table? How
>> then do you explain statements like this: "Leif: we're in a transition,
>> moving from dialplan model to external control model.  Probably need
>> external application to be built for us to move completely away from
>> AMI/AGI.” or  this "Paul: take away apps, and whatever is in the core is
>> what we should care about.”
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