[asterisk-users] allo.com gsm card with AsteriskNOW

Nicolas Pham Van Huyen nicolas at phamvanhuyen.com
Sun Oct 19 03:20:40 CDT 2014

>Dear all,
>I'm searching someone who already installed allo.com gsm card 
>with AsteriskNOW.
>I installed the hardware in my new server, but when running dahdi_genconf 
>always have the "no span" message.
>I I tried to install the driver according to allo.com doc, but it seems not up to
>date, and maybe done more specifically for an appliance..
>>[root at localhost ~]# dahdi_genconf
>>Empty configuration -- no spans
>>Empty configuration -- no spans
>>Empty configuration -- no spans
>Thanks for help

David Duffett wrote :
>Step 1 would be an 'lspci' on the Linux command line to see if the Linux box 
>recognises the card Step 2 would be to ensure that your DAHDI version is new enough to work with the card

Yes , the card is present :
>04:00.0 Bridge: PLX Technology, Inc. Device d44e (rev 01)

Jg wrote :
>Don't they have a kernel module that communicates with the card on one and with DAHDI 
>on the other side? The first steps are probably to check with lspci whether the card is 
>detected and then make sure the allo module is loaded.

They have a package 

with an installer inside (install.sh), but it is turned as full installer :
- download and install  dahdi-linux-complete-2.5.0+2.5.0.tar.gz
- seems makes some compilation for the driver 
- finishes by proposing to install asterisk 

As I installed AsteriskNOW before, it makes no sense to install Asterisk again, I just need to install the driver

In the package I can found src folders, but I don't know how to use them to build the module manually.
The installer seems building allog4c.ko file but it doesn't works installed by this script

I guess it is just a basic operation to know how to compile the module and load it every time the system boots
Then how to configure the channels " chan_allogsm" ..

Thanks for help :-)

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