[asterisk-users] Ubuntu 12.04 LTS / Asterisk / apt-get upgrade / exclude packages

jg webaccounts173 at jgoettgens.de
Fri Oct 10 06:11:10 CDT 2014

> When doing an "apt-get upgrade" the system packages will be update but
> sometimes Asterisk is broken.
Can you describe what is broken?
> Which packages do I have to exclude when I
> do not have time to recompile Asterisk/Dahdi each time? libc?
> Kernel-Packages?
The way things are set up is that you have to compile the wanpipe drivers always against the 
current versions of the kernel and DAHDI. You could change that with a pretty high risk of 
breaking things, mainly due to frequent changes in the network related parts of the kernel.

I have never seen something break, except for kernel updates, but my systems are RedHat based. I 
doubt that the Debian based systems are much different as far as interface changes are concerned 
for a certain release. My guess is that you should be fine if you do not execute "apt-get 


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