[asterisk-users] CALLERID(num) and CDR(clid) - originate

Matthew Jordan mjordan at digium.com
Fri Oct 3 03:37:09 CDT 2014

On Wed, Oct 1, 2014 at 8:00 AM, Gabriel Ortiz Lour
<ortiz.admin at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hello,
>   A question on channel originating (call files and AMI Originate):
>   How can I change the CALLERID(num) var (because of the E1 provider needs),
> but having another númber (the original one) stored on the "clid" CDR field
> on the database?

You can't. The clid CDR field cannot be modified from the dialplan,
and is always set to the caller ID of the channel. If you change the
caller ID on the channel, you can expect the CDR clid field to reflect

That being said, if you are using a flexible backend (such as
cdr_custom or cdr_adaptive_odbc), you can add a custom column to your
CDR records - such as 'clid_original' - and use the CDR function to
set that value prior to changing the caller ID:

exten => Set(CDR(clid_original)=${CALLERID(num)})
exten => Set(CALLERID(num)=6575309)


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