[asterisk-users] Strange Issue: asterisk deleted

Thorsten Göllner tg at ovm-group.com
Wed Nov 26 10:12:35 CST 2014

Am 26.11.2014 11:37, schrieb Antoine Megalla:
> Hi,
> I am struggling with  a very strange issue I have been facing for the
> past week;
> I have a fresh install of CENTOS 5.11 and I have installed asterisk
> 1.8.32 form sources.
> The asterisk installation went fine but as soon as I start asterisk
> executable it loads everything and then after the "Ready" line the
> process gets killed and when I try to run it again i get:
> /usr/sbin/asterisk : command not found
> I cleaned the source and re-installed asterisk and again the same
> thing happened again !!!
> I downloaded asterisk versions 1.4, 11, 12 and compiled them from
> sources and installed them (make install) and amazingly, the same
> thing happened to all of them: I do a "make" then "make install" and
> as soon as I start asterisk the process is killed and the executable
> removed from /usr/sbin.
> I tried to look a the asterisk log files but I cannot find a single
> error in them.
> Also if it was really deleted how did bash know that asterisk is
> supposed to be located in /usr/sbin/asterisk ?
> I tried to copy the executable myself after compilation (everything
> done as root) to the /usr/sbin and again if it runs then it is deleted.
> If someone can explain to me this behavior or advise me on what to
> check to resolve this issue, then I would be grateful.


you write "Also if it was really deleted .." - did you looked at it via
"ls /usr/sbin/asterisk"?

You compiled asterisk (make / make install) as root I think. Perhaps
access rights are not set properly? root is owner but you try to start
the daemon as "normal" user?

You write "the process is killed". Where do you now? Did you get a
message on your terminal? Did you take a look at /var/log/syslog?

Best regards
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