[asterisk-users] SIP call drops after 32 seconds, but only when....

Yves A. yves030 at gmx.de
Sat Nov 22 05:40:24 CST 2014


I have a really strange problem which is driving me crazy for days now.

If I register my asterisk (tried all versions from 1.6 up to 13.x) with 
one sip registrar,
everything works... calls go out and call come in... no 32 seconds limit.

but as soon as I configure another sip registration on another server, 
calls  drop after 32 seconds.

as far as I know, there is no firewall in between...

I tried to "work around" this by increasing the settings for "timerb"... 
but I
realized that asterisk does not care at all, what I set this value to...
"sip show settings" always gives me 32000ms, and it does not make any
difference if I configure timerb in the general context or in the phone 

any ideas?


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