[asterisk-users] OT - Is T.38 possible on SPA8800 FXO port ?

Olivier oza.4h07 at gmail.com
Tue Nov 18 08:42:34 CST 2014

2014-11-18 15:19 GMT+01:00 Kevin Larsen <kevin.larsen at pioneerballoon.com>:
>> I know all this.
>> My question came from the fact that as strange as it may seem, SPA3102
>> and similar products do not offer the SIP features depending on
>> terminating/originating port.
>> More precisely, when a SIP fax call comes in through an FXS port, it
>> triggers T.38 while it doesn't trigger T.38 when an FXO port is usedos
>> instead.
> So, if i understand the question correctly, you have:
>      Asterisk SIP-> SPA3102 FXS -> Analog fax machine
> and the PBX to SPA3102 communications are T.38 before converting to analog
> to go to the fax machine. Then in the other situation you would have:
>      Analog line -> SPA3102 FXO port -> Asterisk SIP
> and the SPA3102 to Asterisk communication isn't doing T.38?
> If that is the case, the only thing I can think of is that maybe they were
> not thinking that many people would want to do the second situation with a
> low end device? I imagine the main use case it to keep the old analog device
> around after switching to SIP delivery. Probably didn't expect to see analog
> delivery that gets translated to a sip fax endpoint.
> Though I do agree that once you have the transcoding option, I would think
> it would be trivial to apply it to both ports.

I fully agree.

Maybe a simple 3102 has memory limitations, but I would expect an
8-ports device (SPA8800) to alsa support T.38 with communications
passing through FXO ports.
Thanks to Larry's testimony, I'm aware this is not the case.

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