[asterisk-users] Sippy Cup

Murthy Gandikota mgandikota at nts.net
Fri Nov 14 18:58:04 CST 2014

If you have used sippy_cup by Ben Klang and Will Drexler please comment.
Please note, I know there is a Sipp users mailing list. I am trying to
catch the attention of the developers and users who work with asterisk as well.

I have a scenario where I expect field0 and field1 to be injected
to the xml from a CSV (the same notation sipp uses for variable substitution from CSV)
Obviously the scenario doesn't work. I checked the source and send_digits emits
dtmf to the media (pcap). I guess, I am asking for the impossible, but is there a
way to emit the following to the xml?

<exec play_dtmf="[field0]"/>

Here is the YML file sippy_cup is given with -c option to generate the xml and pcap.
It doesn't flag an error for invalid DTMF. Nor does it generate the expected DTMF.

source: sipp.mycomp.net
destination: asterisk.mycomp.net
max_concurrent: 10
calls_per_second: 5
number_of_calls: 20
   - invite
   - wait_for_answer
   - ack_answer
   - sleep 3
   - sleep 20
   - send_digits '1'
#enter expiration
   - sleep 5
#agent ID
   - send_digits [field0]
#enter CVV
   - sleep 10
#agent password
   - send_digits [field1]
#choose virtual chat
   - sleep 60
   - wait_for_bye

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