[asterisk-users] ITSP Gateway Solution?

Mitul Limbani mitul at enterux.in
Wed Nov 12 03:53:56 CST 2014

Hey Tod,

Do message me offline, we might have few options to support your needs.

On 12-Nov-2014 9:19 AM, "Todd R." <tjrlist at live.com> wrote:

> Right now we I am using Asterisk boxes as a gateway between our Level 3
> SIP trunks and our customer PBXs.
> I love and understand Asterisk but the company I am working for is looking
> for a more "Commercial" type solution where we can go to a vendor for
> support etc. I know, we can get Asterisk support etc.. It's not my decision
> and I sort of get why they are leaning away from Asterisk, I just don't
> agree.
> I need to at least explore other options for more appliance products that
> will do the job the Asterisk boxes are doing now but, with a simple
> interface to add/remove trunks, DIDs etc. Integrated security and billing
> options/add-ons would be great.
> I know Digium offers appliance solutions but they don't seem to be
> anywhere near the power of what we are currently using.
> One big advantage I could see is going diskless but, I am really not sure
> whats out there, I am just kicking tires at the moment.
> The best of all worlds would be something with commercial support, a good
> GUI, billing and security built in but all based on the Asterisk core which
> I can understand :-)
> Again, just kicking tires as I can't just scream Asterisk and not be
> willing to look around to see what's out there.
> Everything I see out there seems to want to Transcode and such.. All we
> need is something to do SIP to SIP, no TDM here at all. Some codec support
> beyond G711 of course but that's it.
> I know there is every reason to do all this with Asterisk and that is my
> preference but in this case, I have lots of folks that lean more towards
> commercial products and I have not been able to completely sell them on the
> joy and flexibility of Asterisk.
> I don't want a Virtual PBX GUI solution, I want something that is built to
> be a work-horse, as a gateway only. No extensions, voicemail, ring groups
> or any of that. Just calls in/out to/from trunks, security and billing.
> Thanks!
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