[asterisk-users] ITSP Gateway Solution?

Todd R. tjrlist at live.com
Tue Nov 11 21:48:52 CST 2014

Right now we I am using Asterisk boxes as a gateway between our Level 3 SIP trunks and our customer PBXs.
I love and understand Asterisk but the company I am working for is looking for a more "Commercial" type solution where we can go to a vendor for support etc. I know, we can get Asterisk support etc.. It's not my decision and I sort of get why they are leaning away from Asterisk, I just don't agree.
I need to at least explore other options for more appliance products that will do the job the Asterisk boxes are doing now but, with a simple interface to add/remove trunks, DIDs etc. Integrated security and billing options/add-ons would be great.
I know Digium offers appliance solutions but they don't seem to be anywhere near the power of what we are currently using.
One big advantage I could see is going diskless but, I am really not sure whats out there, I am just kicking tires at the moment.
The best of all worlds would be something with commercial support, a good GUI, billing and security built in but all based on the Asterisk core which I can understand :-)
Again, just kicking tires as I can't just scream Asterisk and not be willing to look around to see what's out there.
Everything I see out there seems to want to Transcode and such.. All we need is something to do SIP to SIP, no TDM here at all. Some codec support beyond G711 of course but that's it.
I know there is every reason to do all this with Asterisk and that is my preference but in this case, I have lots of folks that lean more towards commercial products and I have not been able to completely sell them on the joy and flexibility of Asterisk.
I don't want a Virtual PBX GUI solution, I want something that is built to be a work-horse, as a gateway only. No extensions, voicemail, ring groups or any of that. Just calls in/out to/from trunks, security and billing.
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