[asterisk-users] 'restart when convenient'

Sander Smeenk ssmeenk at freshdot.net
Wed May 28 13:47:22 CDT 2014

Quoting Matthew Jordan (mjordan at digium.com):

> The various 'stop/restart' flavours and what they mean:

Thanks for this.

> * convenient - wait until all channels have hung up. If new channels
> are made, keep waiting. Once all channels have hung up, and no new
> channels are made, sneak in and ask all of the modules shut down and
> to clean up after themselves - including waiting for all CDRs to get
> written.

This is what i have cronned atm. I found Asterisk with 5 days uptime.

The behaviour i saw was issuing another 'core restart when convenient'
resulting in the 'Ignoring asterisk restart request, already in
progress.'-message, but issuing 'core restart now' did have effect,
though, as you stated, after a short delay of about 15 seconds.

I have some pointers on where to look next. It was totally unclear to me
that modules 'get asked to shut down' and might not feel like doing so
at particular moments. I figured it was all about active channels.

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